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Do you feel convinced when you apply for a job that you will be called for an interview after shortlisting your Resume ?

If you need a good opportunity in today’s competitive world where there is break neck competition, it becomes absolutely necessary to present yourself in the best possible way to your prospective employer. To overcome these tricky situations we have experts who will make the work easier for you to get your desired job based on your competency and skill set.

In today’s date employers receives thousands of resumes against single vacancy.Are you aware that an Interviewer takes only 4 to 5 seconds to reject the CV and 20 to 22 seconds to accept it? So you just have 25 seconds to make a desired effect.

Your past experience behind you, your resume should focus on your key capacities,skills and proficiencies. It should record how your closeness had been essential in driving the relationship up the corporate accomplishment.

So regardless of your industry, our expert CV essayists compliment your position and through unlimited involvement prepare that perfect resume for you.

Reasons of Interview Rejections

There are numerous reasons why candidates falter in an Interview , however they blame the interviewer or employer for rejections on the basis of some unusual assumptions.

  • They must have officially chosen someone and are now simply finishing formalities of taking interview for the remaining candidates.
  • Candidates think that Employer is not aware what they need
  • Interviewer does not know how to evaluate my experience and skills etc
  • My answer to questions were so good that the interviewer could not handle them
  • The interviewer was in a very bad mood, must have had a fight with his spouse
  • The Employer must have had some personal issues with me
  • They must be involved in under the table money process

Organizations generally don’t uncover the reason for dismissal of CV and this leads to summary of suspicions, how much correct it is cannot be commented. Can there be any issues with the hiring organizations?

Let’s see the same issues from Hiring organization’s perspective

Organization is doing business and they need best of talent and at best cost which can make the business grow. They are busy with their travel schedules across different locations to find the best talent in today’s date to hire the right talent. There are employees maintenance spending plans, their commission plans, referral plans etc.  If organizations/Employers don’t care then why they will spend these amount on these activities or employees.

Let’s look at the same issue from an interviewer’s angle

Probation-confirmation process is adopted in almost all Pvt Firms which varies from 3 to 6 months or more. One of the key reasons for this process apart from appraisal is to filter out poor/wrong hires. So if anyone is identified in this process as wrong hire the first question hits “who hired him/her” from Recruitment team. In case interviewer takes a wrong call and gets wrong hires/ wrong candidates on-board on repeated times, then they face difficult situations with their own performance which gets highlighted on real time immediately to higher managements. So the person who takes the interview may have to face the heat. And in case if they are performing well with right hire they are incentivized and appreciated. So why will an interviewer who takes the interview not hire the best talent?


Same issues from Candidate’s Perspective:

These are common reasons for Interview rejections

The candidate has no idea about the job for which he/she is applying 

Incorrect Job details : These days most of the candidates attend the interview based on the JD or phone call received and they believe they are right match this generally happens because of less idea about the role who is talking to candidate or maybe there is a disconnect between the operations and HR .  Therefore the candidate has very faint idea about the role and on the basis of information the candidate might have collated the information for F2F interview is different from what the actual manager demands and therefore candidates gets rejected in second round or third round.

Over Experienced: Experienced candidates often feel over confident and they think they will be selected for the role. For them JD does not matter.

On the other hand the interviewer can easily catch these kind of personalities.

 Why Experteye?

  • Any idea what information should be there which will attract the attention of Interviewer?
  • Any idea how your cv can be apart from the crowd?
  • Any idea your skill and competency will match the expectation of Employer?
  • If the Answer is NO then you need guidance in writing and designing your cv which we can do for you
  • With years of experience in professional CV writing and preparation, we provide high quality CV writing services at a very realistic and affordable price.

Our CV’s are carefully crafted to have the strongest possible appeal to potential employers, rather than being just a typed summary of an individual’s basic information or a biography.

Our Experience

  • Over thousands of CVs written!!!
  • Professional team of CV Writers with proven track record
  • Strong exposure to all industries


  • All our CV Writers are Post graduate in HR
  • Each of our CV Writer goes through a rigorous CV Writing exam every 6 months
  • Attendance at Industry conventions part of our CV Writers’ professional growth

What you get

  • Step by Step guidance
  • Dedicated CV Writer throughout the Process with Direct Contact
  • CV in Microsoft Word or PDF document
  • We respect your privacy
  • Competitive rates.