How leaders different from rest of the people ?


There has always been ongoing question I have heard “Are leaders born or made on earth?” The answer to this question is a rather seemingly contradictory one. While we have the examples of famous personalities who had been leaders from early age, there have also been many who became with their determination. But, I am not discussing here whether a person become leader by birth or makes himself one. I am discussing the qualities that leaders posses which makes them different and makes him to stand apart from crowd.
We all come with certain behaviors and capabilities that differentiate from rest, but a true leader has something extra. Ability to motivate and directing others and helping people grow in the own boundaries is one of those skills a true leader possess. But being a leader does not always mean that you are the leader at your workplace. Skills of a good leader can be put to every area of our life as a parents, Manager, or a board member of Trust etc. We certainly may have grown over time and learned many effective skills by experience but to identify the leaders in us; all that is required is an open mind.
Signs of Successful Leader must have desire to lead. If you do not want to lead other, you’ll always feel uncomfortable in your area, if you somehow manage to get this role. Without a desire to lead, you may face difficulties out of your ‘comfort zone’ and you may resist this change but won’t put efforts to acquire the necessary skills required to become a leader. You will face difficulties with daily work routine and your team will sense it and ultimately, you might lose their respect as leader and the situation might become unordered or confusing.

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